Learning Lines

While looking for good lessons to teach about line I came across an article that showed how to use tempera cakes to make line art. I, however, misread the article as Line Cakes and this is what my Kindergarten through 3rd graders made this week!

We began by discussing/recapping the different kinds of lines. I used Cassie Stephens blog for help here and introduced my class to Larry the Line! The poem really helped my kids to get excited about the lesson and to refresh their memory.

Next we spoke about layered cake! I drew a slice of cake on the board and we drew different lines in different colors to show the different flavored layers of cake. Next students used a piece of paper to make their own Line Cakes using black oil pastel and crayon.


4th + 5th Grade had a slightly different lesson on line this week. We learned about the word “abstract” and that an abstract shape doesn’t look like anything we recognize. This was an important stage for my older students as they are struggling with building confidence when something they draw does not look true to life.

We imagined our walks or drives to and from school. We imagined what this would look like in our heads. Standing in front of the class, I modeled this to the class, describing my drive to work out loud and thinking out loud about what kind of line might best represent each part of my journey.

My students has mixed feelings about this lesson… but those who loved it, LOVED IT.


Lines that made faces!!


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