I was born and raised in England where I attended school until the age of 17, when my family relocated to Fayetteville, Tennessee. I came to Chattanooga for college not knowing that this incredible city would become my home. I acquired my BA Fine Art Photography and Media Arts from UTC and spend much of my free time with my camera. I love swimming and have enjoyed it both in and out of the water. I have swam competitively, have lifeguard training, and have taught private swimming lessons to children. I cherish my family, friends, and students who challenge me to be the best person I can be.

I have always been passionate about education. Upon relocating I was 1 year short of my A Level certificates. I worked with my teachers to continue this program whilst attending American High school, mailing my work back for assessment. My father always told me that your education is the one thing that cannot be taken from you, a lesson that I have made a career of.


Art education develops critical thinkers who ask questions and approach problems creatively. The art classroom encourages students to build a community with their peers and integrates learners from all disciplines. As a teacher, I aspire to provide space for students to develop skills necessary to work in a technologically dependent world, and problem-solvers who are eager to explore the world through a creative lens.


Over the past 6 years Keren Hitchcock has worked with the manipulation of images and film as both student and employee. Hitchcock has developed her personal practice using photography, video works and installation to explore relationships between architecture, the body and technology. With a practice centered in the manipulation of technology and materials, she has become very comfortable working with a variety of digital editing tools.